Is your child attending one of the Bellevue Club's amazing camps?
Let us pack their lunch! Special lunches will be available from Luna for all children attending camps. We have a variety of lunch items available for you to customize your child's lunch to their (or your!) preferences. Pre-order your child's lunch for a day or the entire week, and we will deliver it to your camper.

Place your order below or pick up an order form at Luna.
*Please submit order 24 hours prior to start of camp.

$10/Lunch     Whole Week: $9/Lunch

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  For food allergy questions, contact contact Willie Gervais at .

*All lunches are made on Bellevue Club property, which is not an allergen free site
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  Choose One: Turkey/Cheddar Sandwich     Jelly and Cream Cheese Sandwich
  Allergy option: Gluten-free/Dairy-free    Soy Butter (Sun butter, nut-free!)
  Choose One: Kettle Chips     Fruit Leather     String Cheese
  Choose One: Banana     Apple     Grapes     Orange
  Choose One: Water     Organic Juice
  Choose One: Chocolate Chip Cookie     Animal Crackers     Gluten-free Option
  DAY SELECTION    ($10/Lunch, Whole Week: $9/Lunch)
  Choose Days: Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday    
  Entire week