Brain Health Seminar

Click here for information on how nutrition plays a role in preventing early cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, depression and anxiety, and supporting overall brain health.



Whether you want to lose weight or simply train smarter, the Bellevue Club’s Wellness Center is your resource to learn more about what works for your body. With options ranging from nutritional guidance to heart zone training and more, we offer a wide variety of customizable services that address both the physical and mental aspects of wellness.

Precision Health Wellness Program

Precision Health is a highly personalized and proactive approach to healthcare, focused on the individual by using biochemical data from genetics, biometrics and functional lab work to support optimal health and performance, and prevent disease. Using your genetic data, your biochemical and biometric data, and YOUR health goals, we design a nutrition and fitness plan perfectly fit for you.
The Precision Health program at the Bellevue Club is a 12-week program split into 2 phases.

Phase 1 |

  • Genetic Testing and Analysis
  • InBody Body Composition Analysis
  • VO2 Max calculation
  • Nutrition Focused Physical Exam
  • Personalized Fitness Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Program

    Phase 2 |

  • 8 Sessions with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • 9 Sessions with Personal Trainer
  • Unlimited GPX Classes
  • 4 Massages at The Spa
  • 20% Off on additional Spa services or products during the Program
  • Entrance to 1 Health Seminar


    Watch your body gain strength and balance with the region's top yoga instructors. From hot power yoga to candlelight vinyasa, the Bellevue Club offers a variety of yoga classes for all levels. Whether you're just starting out or you've been practicing for years, the Club's serene Yoga Studio is the perfect place to transform your body and mind.

    Don't forget to check out the Zen-influenced garden outside the yoga studio.


    With a dedicated Pilates studio, the Bellevue Club has one of the best Pilates programs in the region. A system of movement and exercise designed to dramatically increase strength and flexibility without stressing joints, the Bellevue Club's amazing instructors are prepared to take you through the best workout you've ever had.

    • Pilates Circuit
    • Pilates Reformer equipment
    • Pilates Mat
    • Private and semi-private instruction
    Click here for the Pilates brochure.