Bellevue Club Cup Tennis

Ladies’ Cup Team Tennis is a competitive inter-club  doubles league with teams at six different levels: Evergreen, Emerald, Classic, Rainier, Challenge and Kingco.

Ladies Cup Overview

The season runs September-February. Approximately half of the matches are played at the Bellevue Club. The remaining matches are played in the greater Seattle area. Most cup levels have a regularly scheduled match day with the times varying between 10:30am and 3:00pm depending on the host club.

Each cup team consists of up to eight teams (16 players). There are at least two cup teams at every level except Kingco, where there is one.

2020-2021 Season

Important dates & registration info

June 15 | Distribution of Cup Team Guidelines

June 15-July 3 | Online sign up period

July 31 | Teams posted

Participants can register using the form below after reading the rules and regulations carefully. 

Registration Guidelines

SACT Tennis for 2020-2021

Registration will take place, and the number of teams needed at each level will be determined. Once registration is completed and the number of players at each level has been determined, teams will be divided and practice days will be set.

Payers may register in one of three ways:

Single Player: Single players may register as an individual team member for the Evergreen and Kingco levels. Players may also register as a single for Emerald, Classic, Rainier and Challenge Cup levels and will be placed on a team on a space available basis.

Partnership: Players may sign up as a team at all levels assuming they meet the criteria for the specific level they have registered for.

Trio: Players may sign up as a group of three. Match play will be distributed amongst three players. A trio will need to designate one person to work with the captain on scheduling the trio.


Each Cup Team practices once a week with a pro and has one match per week. Players who feel they cannot commit to 65% of the practices and matches should not register for this program. Please refer to the cup application for days and times of practices and matches. NOTE: Workout days and times will be determined once the numbers of teams are set.

singleCup Team Match Day

Kingco | Fridays

Challenge | Tuesdays

Rainier | Wednesdays

Classic | Thursdays

Emerald | Fridays

Evergreen | Mondays

All cup teams field three doubles teams for competitive matches. Rotation is determined by the captain and coach.


Players must be committed to play in matches and regular weekly team practices between September and the end of February. Although no one is expected to be available for every match, it is important to be available for 65% of both home and away matches and practices throughout the season. Failure to comply with this commitment will result in review by the Cup Team Committee and may result in loss of position on the team.


Continuing this year the club will bill a monthly fee for participation in cup. Rather than having to pay for balls, snacks, etc. for each match, the club will build into the monthly cost of the program beginning in September the following:

  • The club will provide both new tennis balls and timers for all home matches.
  • The club will provide Luna express gift cards to all visiting team players for snacks for all home matches
  • The club will provide a team party at Splash. It will include one entrée and one drink to be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time with Splash.
  • All Weekly practices will also be built into the monthly fee.
  • The fee per month will be: $125
  •  Guest fees for away matches are approximately $14,but may vary depending on the club.
  • Team uniforms are optional.
  • All Cup Team Members must pay this monthly fee to be eligible to play in matches.
Cup Level Sign Up Criteria

It is the goal of Bellevue Club tennis to field competitive teams in the cup leagues. With this goal in mind, criteria has been established to qualify players for the various levels of play.

A Cup Team Committee of past and present captains has been created to assist in the application review process.

The Cup Team Committee will review each application to ensure that every doubles team is eligible and has applied for the appropriate cup level.

The Cup Team Committee will use the following criteria in making eligibility and cup level determinations:

  • Winning percentage and courts played on from previous year’s cup teams
  • Attendance at practices during the previous season
  • USTA rating
  • Special circumstances

Winning percentages and courts played data can be reviewed on the Cup Tennis website at Click on your cup team level, then click scores, then click on your Bellevue Club team, then click your name. All information from all your matches is listed there. Team Captains will also have your statistics.

Criteria for moving up one level: Players must have played in a minimum of 6 of the total matches or have committee approval to be considered.

  • Players who have a minimum 65% winning percentage and have played 1/2 of their total matches on court 1 or 2, are eligible to sign up at the next higher cup level or have committee approval.
  • Partners who have a minimum 65% winning percentage, have played a minimum of 6 matches together and have played 1/2 of their total matches on court 1 or 2, are eligible to sign up together at the next higher cup level or have committee approval.
  • The club recognizes that court 1 is normally the most challenging court to play. To that end, we have made some changes to acknowledge those players who play court 1. Players who played court 1 will receive 1/10 of a point each time they play court 1, whether they win or lose. At the end of the season, the number of times an individual played court 1 will be multiplied by 1/10 of a point and will be added to the players total point score.
  •  New partnerships must be reviewed by the Cup Team Committee to determine appropriate level.
  • New players to cup tennis should talk to a Bellevue Club Pro to determine appropriate level. Please include on the cup application if you have played cup tennis at a different club and at what level.

Criteria for moving down one level: Analysis is based on players playing in at least 6 of the total matches.

A player winning less than 20% of their matches for two consecutive years will be asked to move down one level unless approved by the committee due to special circumstances.

Sign Up Process
  • Sign up must be submitted using the form below. Applications will be available, beginning June 15th.
  • Players may sign up as a single, as a partnership or as a trio. Please refer to page 1 for details.
  • Each player in a partnership or trio must complete an online application.
  • Each doubles team or trio must choose to register for one cup level of their choice.
  • On the application, there will be a place to explain special circumstances for the committee to consider.


  • This year we are not taking registration for substitutes at this time
  • Players may be added to team rosters on an as needed basis


Cup Team Captains will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Attendance at all league board meetings (two per year).
  2. If home match, captain is responsible for contacting via email or phone the opponent’s captain to inform them of Bellevue Club tennis facilities and fees.
  3. Exchange line-up with other team captain before each match.
  4. Keep team members informed of all rules and match schedules.
  5. Attend club captain meetings.
  6. Coordinate weekly matches line-ups, etc.


It is expected as a member of the Cup Team that USTA Code and Conduct is strictly followed. Good sportsmanship is required at all times.


Registration Has closed.

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