Health starts here. We’ve combined the latest cardio and weightlifting equipment with stunning aesthetics to create a workout experience that’s truly inspired.

Personal Training

Not just for celebrities and pro athletes, personal training at the Bellevue Club is for everyone. Sit down with one of our certified personal trainers and gain insight to help you reach your next fitness goal.  

Group Exercise Classes

Choose from yoga, spin, barre, Pilates, strength training and more – our expert instructors are the best in the Northwest. To simplify your life, the GPX program allows members to pay one monthly fee and take as many classes as they can handle.

Specialty Training

With a state-of-the-art Pilates studio, yoga studio and conditioning studio our staff has the perfect space to focus on one-on-one or small group specialty training. Use the latest equipment including the Pilates reformer, TRX, Kinesis and more.

Fitness Amenities

With complimentary towel service, hair styling tools, toiletries, lounge areas, and steam rooms, our Men’s, Women’s and kids’ locker rooms are designed with comfort as the utmost priority.  

Meet the Trainers

Jerry Flynn

25+ years of experience

Jerry is dedicated to helping clients improve how they look, feel and perform. Functional strength, joint mobility, muscle flexibility and balance are the key pillars that drive his programs.

Juliana DiLoreto

4+ years of experience

Juliana grew up as a competitive athlete and brings a unique approach to fitness. With a focus on functional movement, she provides personalized programs for clients to strengthen body and mind.

Beth Draeger

1+ years of experience

Beth has a passion for encouraging individuals on their fitness journey and helping them develop the tools to lead their healthiest lives. As a competitive triathlete, she understands the challenges of fitness, but also knows the sense of accomplishment a strong body provides.

Luke Forshaw

3+ years of experience

Luke started his fitness journey during his career in the military. He strives for varied physical conditioning using strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and functional movements that mimic real-world situational biomechanics.

MaryAnn Carpenter

12+ years of experience

Maryann is passionate about inspiring her clients and cares deeply about creating workouts to meet their needs. She feels it is important to keep training innovative, safe, fun and challenging.

Mary Worley

15+ years of experience

Mary brings a compassionate, detail-oriented approach to training. She enjoys empowering people with physical and health challenges to improve balance, stability and movement through education.

Matt Philipovich

4+ years of experience

Matt's mission as a personal trainer is to tap into his clients' potential to drive improvements in strength, performance, body composition, and optimum functionality. Matt draws inspiration from many facets of fitness to design tailored programs to reach a goal.

Melanie Blue

16+ years of experience

Melanie enjoys everything from running marathons to strength training to wakesurfing. She believes fitness should be an enjoyable journey and puts the fun in functional fitness.

Nancy Black

25+ years of experience

Nancy utilizes her passion, experience and knowledge of exercise science and athletic endeavors to build customized programs to meet her clients’ specific needs and lifestyle.

Paloma Dinkel

4+ years of experience 

Paloma’s passion is to have a positive influence on her client’s life and mindset. She uses her experience as a lifelong athlete to create personalized programs that help clients reach their wellness goals.

Tamara Weiss

25+ years of experience

Tamara approaches fitness from a functional perspective while drawing on numerous training modalities to tailor programs for her clients’ objectives and goals.

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