H is for Happy, Healthy Eaters

A guide for encouraging healthy eating habits and easing the madness during family meals.

From picky eaters to kids with intolerances and allergies, teaching your little ones healthy eating habits can be challenging—or downright maddening. There can be meltdowns, food strikes, sneaky eating behaviors, cooking way too many meals to accommodate the whole family, and much, much more.

We aren’t going to claim we know the correct approach your family should take though. Instead, we rounded up some of the best resources out there to help you compare and contrast methods that might make your mealtimes just a little easier and your kiddos a little happier.

The Family Nutritionist

The Family Nutritionist was created by Alex Turnbull, a registered dietitian who wants to take the shame out of mealtime troubles. She describes herself as an “expert in introducing solids and picky eating, recovering perfectionist, cheeseburger lover, most importantly, a mom to two toddlers.” With The Family Nutritionist, Turnbull’s objective is to create a community where parents can share tips, get help, and maybe even let out a little steam.

However, her most valuable resource is the “Managing Mealtimes Course for Picky Eaters.” This course includes 12 videos (all less than 20 minutes) that provide seven strategies for making feeding more enjoyable. The topics range from introducing new foods to food obsessions to making only one meal at dinner time. On her blog, she also digs into tougher topics such as pediatric feeding disorder and how to help your picky eater poop. Her candidness and honesty make her a great resource for those who realize parenting will never be perfect.

••• For more information, visit myfamilynutritionist.com. Or follow her on Instagram at @myfamilynutritionist.

The Nourished Child

Jill Castle is a pediatric dietitian who created The Nourished Child, an online nutrition school with resources for both parents and kids. With numerous mediums available—a podcast, books, planners, a blog, and dozens of courses and classes—The Nourished Child decidedly puts science first. She addresses topics like Eosinophilic Esophagus (EoE), oral aversion, toddler multivitamins, delayed puberty and more.

But it isn’t just her medical background and science mind that makes The Nourished Child stand out. She also isn’t scared to talk about the extremely difficult time she had feeding her own child, despite being in the nutrition field for more than 30 years, making her very relatable. Plus, she knows feeding troubles aren’t limited to toddlers. The Nourished Kid aims “for competence and knowledge when it comes to nourishing and nurturing kids, whether it be babies, toddlers, kids or teens.”

••• For more information or to sign up for the program, visit thenourishedchild.com. Or follow her on Instagram at @i.am.pedird.

Mama and Me RD

Alyssa is a mom, registered dietitian, writer and podcaster who is dedicated to “stopping the cyclical tendencies of diet cultures.” Her podcast, Nutrition for Littles, addresses many hot topics such as eating at day care, feeding baby myths, and how to keep your kid at the table. But, she also doesn’t shy away from the more controversial subjects either—such as passing down body acceptance (or lack thereof) through generations and how to get your partner to be your ally. She often features guests who share their expertise, but also goes solo with some truly raw, relatable talks.

Aside from the podcast, Alyssa has a vibrant presence on Instagram (@nutritionforlittles) and a helpful blog in which she shares everything from actionable tips and tricks to recipes. The cherry on top is that she offers all the resources for free!

••• For more information, visit nutritionforlittles.com. Or follow her on Instagram at @nutritionforlittles.

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