Kombucha is a fermented tea that touts health benefits including better digestion, boosted energy, and improved immunity. It’s been around for centuries, but on the rise in the wellness community for the past decade. Seattle has several companies that combine the perks of the elixir with local sustainability and aesthetics. Next time you’re in the mood for a sparkling treat, try one of these options.



Claims to fame: Organic ingredients, unique flavor combinations, low in sugar

The creative packaging and clear bottles showcase the beauty of the Northwest-inspired flavors that include Sunbreak (ginger, peach and turmeric), Island Hop (Cascade Hops and grapefruit), or Mist (rose and early grey). Another standout quality of this brand is the low sugar content. “We have the lowest sugar kombucha (free from the sugar tax too!), with no added sweeteners or juices. We flavor with tea and dried herbs and spices—that’s it,” according to the website.

more info: soundkombucha.com



Claims to fame: Exclusive to Seattle, biodynamically grown tea, sparkling

Created with the intention to heal people and the earth, this company is small but has a big purpose. “We focus on brewing the highest quality kombucha with the lowest carbon footprint. Our brewing, company procedures, and distribution strategy are designed to have a low impact on our planet,” according to the website. Because they focus on quality, small batches, they can exclusively source their organic products from Himalayan green tea estates.

more info: communitea-kombucha.com



Claims to fame: Delivery and subscription services, freshly brewed

Bucha Belly created their lemon-ginger product to give kombucha lovers the freshest batches possible. Their product will never spend time on a shelf or in a warehouse. “When it’s ready, it’s at your doorstep,” the website says. With weekly, bi-weekly and monthly delivery subscriptions, plus keg options, they believe “kombucha is the drink of immortality,” and want to give the healing elixir to everyone.

more info: bucha-belly.com



Claims to fame: Canned alcohol alternative, Seattle-inspired, sustainable

Seattle Kombucha, created at Pike Place Market, was crafted for beer, wine, and cocktail enthusiasts who like the occasional alternative. “Our goal at Seattle Kombucha Company is to make the best tasting, healthiest possible, alternative beverages so that you also feel better after!” according to the website. They have flavors that include Raspberry Rose, Lady Grey and Ginger Jasmine. Want to try your hand at brewing your own? One of the most fun products from Seattle Kombucha is an at-home kombucha kit. 

more info: seattlekombucha.com

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