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Most leafy greens, like kale and arugula, are their most nutritious at a microgreen stage, seven to 10 days old. According to a USDA study, eating just a handful of microgreens can give you the same nutritional benefits of a salad. The research discovered that microgreens contain four to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts.

Benefits of Microgreens

  • Contain life-enhancing enzymes
  • Rich in fiber
  • Rich in vitamins
  • High percentage of phytonutrients, which keep you disease-free
  • Easy on digestion
  • Packed with antioxidants

Types of Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts
With a fresh, crisp taste, they are known to enhance bone density and strength. Most of the alfalfa benefits come from its ability to encourage the production of specific hormones in the body.

Lentil Sprouts
Small, flat and grey in color, they are usually crunchy with a nutty taste. Lentil sprouts are a great source of protein and are usually used as an addition to most vegan or vegetarian weight loss programs because they’re filling and contain important nutrients missed from animal products.

Bean Sprouts
Each type of legume sprout has a unique flavor, usually associated with its bean form. Rich in vitamin C, bean sprouts are suggested for pregnant women and nursing mothers because they encourage growth, repair and maintenance of DNA cells.

Radish Sprouts
With a hot, pepper-like radish flavor, radish sprouts improve liver and gallbladder function and are a health aid for people that suffer from jaundice. Women who eat radish sprouts regularly during menopause usually show fewer symptoms.

Broccoli Sprouts
Though they look very similar

to alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts are much stronger in flavor
and are usually sold in mixes
with other sprouts. Broccoli sprouts are known for cancer prevention.

Make it tonight: Sushi Burrito


  • Salmon or tuna sashimi
  • 1 cup sushi rice
  • Seaweed paper
  • Thinly sliced carrots
  • Thinly sliced purple cabbage
  • Thinly sliced cucumber
  • Microgreen mix
  • Wasabi
  • Ginger


  • Take one piece of seaweed paper and lay it on a flat surface.
  • Take 1 cup of sushi rice and spread evenly over paper.
  • Place sashimi, vegetables and microgreens on rice.
  • Carefully take both ends of the wrap and fold burrito style.
  • Set your plate with ginger and wasabi to taste.

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