Family Friendly Summer : Five activities to try before Fall 

Berry Picking 

It’s berry picking season! Take the whole family out to one of Seattle’s several U-Pick farms to hunt down the best blueberries and enjoy fresh fruits. If you’re little ones are a little more adventurous, you can also head to a local park or trail and find wild blackberries. Of course, when picking wild fruit, stay clear of bushes close to streets because of pollution, but most parks and nature trails have perfectly safe wild blackberries that just came into season. 

Lemonade on the Lake

Get your family out on Lake Union this summer in a boat, kayak or paddleboard. For a fun adventure, go hunting for Quinn and Katie’s Lemonade Stand, a floating barge managed by two kids selling lemonade. These girls are quite the site on the lake and definitely offer a fun spin on a water adventure. Each lemonade sale goes toward a donation to Rainier Animal Fund. 

Learn more at or follow the stand at @lemonsforgood on Instagram.


Throughout August, the Woodland Park Zoo invites artists to host live concerts at the zoo! These events are wonderful opportunities to have your little ones experience the zoo while also offering you the chance to learn about local musicians. To top it off, all the proceeds from these events go to animal care at the zoo. 

For more information visit

Head to the Ballpark 

The Seattle Mariners’ season is in full swing! With tickets at every price and the ballpark fully reopened, it’s the perfect time to grab a row of tickets and head to the ballpark with your family in tow. Don’t forget to check your ticketing sites for specialty nights where you and your family can get free hats or jerseys as an added bonus. 

For more information visit

Take a Mini-Vacation

Grab the little ones and pack for a day at the beach! After the last year, taking the family on a vacation might still be a bit daunting. Luckily, Seattle has all the makings for a mini-staycation away that lets you sleep in your own bed at the end of a long day. Head over to the Seattle waterfront and hop on a water taxi which will take you straight to West Seattle. Hit the beach, walk around shops and explore before heading back to the taxi to come home. 

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