Artist with No Face

Meet Bellevue Club member and local artist Kaz Jackson.

Kaz Jackson doesn’t like his photo taken. He hesitated to tell me where he grew up and when he did, he asked that I don’t print that information or any other details about his life. In fact, Kaz Jackson isn’t even his real name.

But he is not being rude or presumptuous. He is actually extremely generous with his time and keen sense of humor. He just doesn’t want any of the attention that comes with being a successful artist. All he wants to do is paint.

And paint he does. His studio, located in a place I can’t mention, is packed with art. The pieces range from massive, colorful portraits painted on canvas, cardboard or wood to smaller pieces that incorporate found objects and ripped paper. Some are six feet tall and casually rolled up and stored in boxes; others have giant panes of glass over them, and even others are actual photos that he’s cut up and rearranged. Each corner of the studio has a new treasure.

Many of his paintings are abstract, but if you look closely, many have heavy meaning, like a series he did about 9/11. His favorites, however, are the ones that highlight his quick wit and comedic nature. “I have to amuse myself when I paint,” he says.

His website is also sparse. There’s no bio or an “About the Artist” section. And there isn’t much press about him at all. He doesn’t do interviews or artist talks of any kind. He lets his art, which sells internationally, speak for itself. And it all seems somehow both relaxed and carefree while being very intense and intentional at the same time—a lot like Jackson himself.

“You can take anything you want,” he said, referring to the dozen or so pieces we will feature at the club during a special dinner in July. He even gave us extra prints of some work so that members can paint on top of them, contributing—something he often does with his young daughter.

So Jackson, for the most part, remains an enigma, but if you see him in the halls, with his long curly white hair and paint-covered pants, there’s a good chance he will strike up a conversation with you about art or judo (his other passion), or just crack a joke or two.

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