Kitchen Hacks for Better Health

The kitchen is central to every home, just like food is central to your health. Some kitchen setups can threaten healthy habits by encouraging overeating or poor eating. Not with these tips. Try this collection of simple kitchen hacks to see some extra improvement.

“A messy counter can actually compel you to eat more.” —Real Simple

Cluttered kitchens make cooking meals stressful—no space to move, prepare or serve meals. This can make unhealthy junk food more appealing than a healthy home-cooked meal.

“Make your taller, thinner glasses your everyday drinkware.” —Real Simple

Two glasses of the same volume may not appear to be the same. People perceive tall glasses as containing more liquid than short glasses (even when the quantity is identical), and therefore drink less for the same satisfaction. Drinking water is the exception, and in that case use a short glass!

“Studies show that we eat half of what we purchase within the first week of buying it, and if we buy bulk, well . . . you do the math.” —Real Simple

Yes, we are talking about those monthly Costco trips that stuff the cupboards. When large quantities of food are conveniently kept in the kitchen, people tend to eat much more than they intended, or really should. Separate bulk purchases into smaller containers to keep in the kitchen, and haul the rest to storage to avoid easy access and mindless overeating.

“Spend 30 minutes pre-preparing [your] vegetables and fruits so that they are easy to access and cook with during the week.” —Jamie Oliver

Fresh food is best for your body, but packaged food is typically quicker to eat on the go. Remove this barrier by prepping fresh foods and storing them in clear containers in the refrigerator. When you scavenge for a quick snack, you can easily see and snag some wholesome food.

Bottle of Flavored Water“Flavored waters everywhere.” —Jamie Oliver

Why drink water when juice is ice-cold in the refrigerator already? For one, it’s clearly the healthier option, and for two it doesn’t have to be plain water to be healthier. Use pitchers in the fridge to keep various waters flavored with fruit, cucumber, cinnamon sticks or other herbs. Convenient and fun to drink, flavored water is in.

“During meals, pots and serving dishes should be kept on the kitchen counters.” —Live Science

People don’t like to leave things half-finished, and that includes food. When a decent-sized meal is prepared, plate food in the kitchen with reasonable serving sizes and leave the extras there while you eat at the table. If you really are still hungry (and not just aroused by the appealing food waiting in front of you, just asking to be consumed), the kitchen is not far for second helpings.

“Add nonfood accessories to your kitchen.” —Live Science

Transform your kitchen into a pleasurable place in which to spend time by accessorizing. Although too much clutter can be overwhelming, a beeswax candle or vase of fresh flowers can add joy to cooking dinner.

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