The Secret of Hot Stones

Learn about the benefits of adding some heat to your next massage. Megan Smethurst, lead massage therapist at The Spa, talks with us about what makes these rocks so magical.

reflections magazine: What type of stones do you use during a hot stone treatment?

Megan Smethurst: The stones we use are made of basalt, which is a type of volcanic rock.

RM: Why are basalt stones optimal for massage?

MS: Basalt stones retain and conduct heat when they are applied to the body, so massage therapists use them as tools to soften and manipulate tight, sore muscles.

RM: What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

MS: The heat creates a melting sensation in your tissue, allowing the work to penetrate chronic tension quickly and very comfortably. Our nervous system also responds to heat by enabling a deeply relaxed state, letting go of stress and allowing your therapist to alleviate pain without causing further sensitivity.

RM: Is there anyone who shouldn’t get a hot stone treatment?

MS: Anyone with heart disease, skin conditions, cancer or a recent surgery should avoid hot stones in massage. With a hot stone treatment we are boosting circulation and drawing heat through the whole system, and that can be problematic for people with these health concerns. Also, if you prefer cool to tepid baths, this hot treatment is probably not for you.

RM: Any other bits of information about hot stone massage?

MS: This is a great treatment for anyone who is tired, cold or sore! It brings an element of relaxation that regular massage does not, and some people find the heat releases tension that seemed stuck in their muscles. It’s also a wonderfully warm way to combat the raw chill in the air this time of year!

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