This is your sign to drink a glass of water

If 2018 to 2021 self-care and health media had a catch phrase, it would be something about water. And why not? Staying hydrated is considered one of the easiest health boosts you can give yourself. Drinking more water is connected to healthier skin, weight loss, healthy digestion, stabilizing blood pressure and heartbeat.

Water helps you stay healthy, agreed. But let’s dive (get it?) deeper into the water we consume. Bellevue is known to have some of the best tap water in the country. According to a study by LawnStarter, Bellevue ranked fourth in the country for overall consumer satisfaction. Seattle, Bellevue and other cities in Washington rank very high on most “best tasting” and “cleanest” tap water lists across the country. According to a Seattle Government study program, the water in the Northwest tastes good because it comes directly from the Cascades with minimal filtration and no pesticides or herbicides added.

Now let’s go beyond tap water: How does water taste different?

Essentially, your water gets its taste from the minerals inside it. These can come from the origin of your water (the Cascades, for example), the treatment process, and if it needs to be chemically treated. The more minerals and other things, the more taste your water will have.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

That water from the Cascades that fell from the sky into our natural resources, through the layers of earth, and showed up in our sinks full of untreated minerals is called hard water. Water that falls directly from the sky without reaching earth and is void of any minerals except sodium is called soft water. Hard water is the preferred drinking water because it contains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium that assist in all the “health benefits” behind staying hydrated.

What about bottled water?

Many bottled water companies will directly state whether they are from natural sources or wells with an FDA Certification badge to back up those claims. Steer clear of companies that claim to have completely sterilized or distilled their water because some evidence has suggested that water without minerals may absorb minerals from your body. Another consideration when choosing whether to consume bottled water is the prevalence of microplastics from how it is stored throughout the bottling process. Not to mention the environmental impact plastic bottles have once discarded.

What about seltzer water?

Seltzer water is just as hydrating as normal tap water. It’s arguably better than some bottled flat water because seltzer water usually contains added minerals and is more often stored in cans and glasses versus plastic bottles. The biggest benefit of seltzer water seems to be as a weight loss aid for people who enjoy soda and need a replacement for carbonated drinks.

The Takeaway

There are many ways to stay hydrated, and at the end of the day, drinking more of any water will always be better than not drinking enough. But when deciding what is best for you and your family, location plays a huge factor and we’re very lucky to live in a city with some of the healthiest tap water possible and a society where a reusable bottle is a daily accessory.

Tech to Help You Stay Hydrated

HIWARE Glass Water Infuser
An easy way to make “boring water” taste better. HIWARE allows you to infuse your water with fruits and veggies that might make it a bit more crave-worthy and refreshing throughout the day.
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Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder
Ulla’s hydration reminder is a simple bracelet for your water bottle. Once slipped on to your bottle, a motion sensor will activate and remind you to drink every 40 minutes if there is no activity detected.
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Gululu Interactive Water Bottle
Keep your kids on track with Gululu’s interactive virtual water bottle friend. Let your child choose their favorite pet, with many different styles and choices and games along the way that keep them hydrated all day long.

Plant Nanny
We know you were jealous of the Gululu, so we found a similar hydration friend for adults! The Plant Nanny app will pair you with a plant that needs some TLC. Simply download the app, pick a plant and log your water intake. Each time you drink water, your plant will grow big and strong.
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SodaStream One Touch
If you’re looking for a sustainable substitute for your seltzer water addiction, look no further than this small, sleek and very smart SodaStream. Add your favorite flavors for a twist or keep it simple and classic.
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