What is brow lamination?

Tinting, waxing, microblading, plucking … there are many ways to up your brow game these days. Brow lamination is the latest treatment to hit the beauty scene and it promises a fuller, fluffier look plus more control over unruly or thinning hair all while actually nourishing your strands. The process is relatively quick and lasts between six and eight weeks. It can also be complemented with other treatments, such as tinting or waxing. Read on to see if it’s a good fit for you:

What: Brow Lamination

Length of service: 45 minutes

Benefits: Fuller, thicker looking brows

How it works:

Step 1:
A gentle solution is placed on the brows that breaks down the bonds in the hair, allowing it to be reshaped.

Step 2:
A Keratin-infused gel is applied to reinforce the straightening effect and helps the hair grow thicker and stronger.

Step 3:
Occluded with a plastic wrap and heat treatment to set the hair in place.

Step 4:
A nourishing cream is applied, infusing nutrients into the hair.

Are you a good candidate?

People who should: Those with unruly, curly or hard to tame brows. Those who have thin eyebrows who want them to appear fuller and with less gaps.

People who shouldn’t: Those with any irritation, cuts or blemishes on the brows.

For more information or questions, email spa@bellevueclub.com.


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