What’s Nu? A guide to the latest beauty tool for facial sculpting and beyond

It sounds a bit too good to be true—one small, handheld device that promises skin tightening, muscle toning and instant lifting on the face and neck. But the results of this cutting-edge technology speak for themselves. Handpicked by the aestheticians at The Spa, the whole line of NuFACE devices are enjoying a moment in the spotlight. Here’s why.


Microcurrent Technology

All the NuFACE devices use microcurrent technology to do their magic. What exactly does that mean? “Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that sends gentle waves through the skin down to the facial muscles to mimic and re-energize the body’s natural current,” according to the NuFACE website. While this sounds intense, the treatment causes virtually little to no sensation for the user.

The list of results is long as the devices work to “stimulate the recovery of damaged tissues, re-educate the muscles, improve muscle tone and contour in the face and neck, temporarily improve local circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, enhance product penetration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm and tighten the skin.” It’s powerful stuff!

While it might sound like something from the future, microcurrent technology has actually been around since the 1970s “with the introduction of the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine and was approved by the FDA as a nerve stimulator for pain relief, wound healing and the treatment of Bell’s palsy—a condition that causes a temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in the face.”

This means it’s been used, studied and perfected for decades in many different industries, so there is no risk.


How to Get a NuFACE

NuFACE is a skin-care company that realized the potential of this technology for the beauty and self-care sphere and crafted a line of devices that can be used in combination with other treatments in spa settings as well as at home for regular maintenance. The easy-to-use devices are compact and convenient, and you can purchase a variety of attachments and accessories that specialize in sensitive areas of the face such as the eyes and lips.

The Spa at the Bellevue Club currently features NuFACE devices in a variety of treatments. Enjoy it as an add-on for your next facial. If you like the results, you can also purchase a device to take home.


Smart (app)earance

To help track results, a NuFACE app compares before and after photos. You can visually see the difference in your face and neck as you use the device day after day, so you know you’re getting the results you want!

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