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In the wake of state-wide athletic club closures, the Bellevue Club Swim Team training schedule was put on pause. Of course, swimmers can work out from their homes and focus on dry land exercises but for the team, it meant fewer bonding moments and opportunities for the coaches to be involved in their athletes daily routines.

BCST coaching staff pride themselves on leading swimmers through not only practices, but to form a community where they can find holistic wellness information and inspiration each time they step in the Club, said BCST head coach Andrew Nguyen. Nguyen and his coaching team decided to take this opportunity – with fewer schedules to juggle and kids to corral – to set up a bi-weekly web series on YouTube featuring notable swimmers from across the country.

Now, nearly 10 episodes in, the BCST Webinar Series is a staple in Nguyen’s quarantine training program.

What inspired this project?

Andrew Nguyen: The coaching staff is always looking to improve our entire program and we always look for different resources out there to put in our swimmers’ toolboxes to help them succeed in many different avenues — in and out of the pool. We normally practice so often that coordinating guest speakers is difficult, but with the closure, the opportunity presented itself to have a library with these guests for our team to access whenever it benefits them most.

Who are your guests and experts?

AN: We feature college coaches, club coaches, Olympians, sports psychologists and directors of sports medicine. The goal is to speak with guests to help provide resources for our program now and in the future.

What do you hope your kids and their families take away from these episodes?

AN: We hope our swimmers and families take bits and pieces from each episode to help them navigate the waters during this unprecedented time and also to help them progress within our program and our sport out of the water.

What is coming up next?

AN: We are excited to bring on Olympians and Olympic hopefuls. They are huge inspirations to our swimmers. We are also very excited to feature knowledgeable coaches and experts to teach and help reinforce our team’s holistic development of not only amazing athletes, but exceptional human beings.

To watch the BCST Webinar Series, click here. Or, visit the team’s website for more information about getting involved.

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