Five Virtues of Virtual Training

Basketball courts might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you should take the season off. Bellevue Club basketball coach Tommy Tomsic talks about the benefits of improving your game from home.

  1. Learn new skills: Just because you don’t have access to the court, doesn’t mean you can’t progress in a meaningful way. “Players of all levels can learn skills and drills they can do at home,” Tomsic says. Those skills might include: footwork, dribbling drills and defensive movements.
  2. Stay motivated: Having a coach is a game changer. “Mindset and motivation are the keys to any workout, whether virtual or in person,” Tomsic says. In addition to tangible skills, he places great focus on fostering positive energy and attitude.
  3. Keep up with the competition: If you aren’t working, someone else is. It’s hard to think about winning games right now, but keeping a competitive edge is important even during downtimes. “The training is designed to be hard while learning to love the work,” he says. “During a time like this, it’s very important for young athletes to be doing some kind of work, and setting and reaching goals.”
  4. Stay on schedule: Many professional athletes adhere to the idea that there is freedom in structure and routine. Especially for young athletes, having a consistent training schedule can provide comfort during uncertain times.
  5. Build character: This year has put a halt to many plans, which invites an opportunity for learning and growth. “They will see the benefits of finding a way to make it work,” Tomsic says. “ I like to teach that keeping a positive attitude and understanding life isn’t always fair is important. Rather be hungry and have a goal to keep your mind in a healthy place.”  


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