You might have relegated jump roping to TikTokers or young kids. But jump ropes are actually very useful tools to help build cardiovascular endurance, coordination, agility and more. They are especially useful when traveling or you’re short on time or space.


  • Improved cardiovascular training
  • Increased agility and decreased chance of injury
  • Improved focus, attention and coordination
  • Faster footwork



To find the right length, step onto the center of the rope.
When held taut, the handles should reach your armpits.



1. Basic speed rope

This is the most common type of jump rope. It’s lightweight and good for beginners and advanced jumpers. The cable is usually coated with a durable plastic.

2. Weighted rope

With more weight in the rope or handles, this rope offers one way people can make the activity more challenging. It will increase strength in the hands, arms and shoulders.

3. Beaded rope

This is what you probably remember from years on the playground. With long, colored plastic beads, the purpose is actually to make a louder noise that can help people with rhythm.

4. Cordless rope

This version has handles with small weighted balls attached to each one. You can get all the benefit of jumping rope in a tight space.

5. Smart rope

There are a few different varieties of ropes that come with apps that track speed, timing, patterns and more.



– Shifting feet

Practice jumping on one foot for 30 seconds, then switch to the other.

– Walking forward

Once you’ve mastered the basic jump, practice moving forward and backward while maintaining the rhythm.

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