The ABCs of the AssaultBike

The AssaultBike is an aggressive name and with good reason—it is a force to be reckoned with. This exercise machine is beloved by HITT and interval-training enthusiasts because it provides an extra self-induced challenge for those ready to shake up their movement routine.

What is an AssaultBike (a.k.a. an air bike or fan bike)?

The AssaultBike looks like a stationary bike and an elliptical joined together to make one machine. It has a huge fan in the front that looks like a wheel and is used to create natural resistance. The more work someone puts into the machine, the more natural resistance is obtained through the fan blades. The bike is literally powered by you.

Why you should make the switch

A huge benefit to this mighty machine is the seat. This is a dream for people with runner’s knees or weak ankles. It can be an amazing workout without the added physical pressure. Also, it is good for people with minor injuries or sprains that cannot bear full weight but want to get their blood moving to aid in recovery.


Metabolic conditioning

This bike is designed to easily incorporate interval training to expand aerobic capacity for the body. While your arms and legs pump at the same time, the lungs and heart work harder to keep up. With the machine’s duality you can keep building proportions of aerobic intensity while still keeping strength and muscle mass.

By the numbers

15% decrease for chance of a cardiac event—even at just 30 minutes a week of cycling

Burns 1.5 more calories than a stationary bike

Descendant of the Airdyne bike from the 1970s

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