Perfect Side Plank (Vasisthasana) Variation

Bellevue Club yoga instructor Ashley Skartvedt believes side plank is the perfect pose to help challenge the body and hone your ability to concentrate and focus. Here are some tips to keep in mind when practicing this pose on your yoga mat:

HandsPress firmly through your lower palm and activate your fingers.

FeetPress the top of your lower foot down and ground through the lower leg. Roll the pinkie edge of your top foot down and lift the arch.

HipsRoll your top hip back to open your pelvis.

ArmsReach your top arm up in line with your bottom arm.

HeadExtend through the crown, and find one point of focus for your eyes (drishti).

Beginner’s Tip

Try as many classes as you can with as many instructors as possible. You will eventually discover the type of yoga that is right for you. Let the instructor know if you are new to yoga or have any injuries you’re working with. Ask lots of questions; instructors love to share their knowledge!

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