Five Ways to Explore La Push

Rugged coastlines, mercurial weather and lush forested landscapes make La Push a magical location on the Olympic Peninsula.

hike + camp

There are many hikes that lead to the foggy beaches, sea stacks and sunsets of La Push. The trails vary in difficulty but all provide relatively easy access to classic beach camping or a day hike with the family. First, Second and Third Beach are all accessible with short hikes through the forest that are under two miles. If you choose to camp, be sure to get the proper permit, available at the Port Angeles Ranger Station.


In mid-July, the Quileute Tribe celebrates the history of their land and heritage with a traditional salmon bake, canoe races, games, fireworks and more. The Quileute Days event runs from July 19-21. For more information, please visit

Surf La Push


The popular book and movie series Twilight famously put Forks and La Push in the spotlight. Fans travel far to experience the landscape that inspired a literary and cultural phenomenon. Die-hard fans should plan a trip that coincides with Forever Twilight in Forks, a three-day festival that celebrates the vampire series. The event takes place from September 12-15 and includes local vendors, food, activities and more.

Whale Watching

The Whale Trail is a collective of more than 100 sites across Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia dedicated to viewing the marine wildlife that thrives in this part of the world. Whales, sea lions, dolphins, otters, fish, birds and more are visible throughout the year. Forty-six of these sites are in Washington, and La Push and the surrounding beaches are home to about a dozen. For exact locations, visit


The place where the Quillayute River meets the Pacific Ocean is a favorite surf location for many thrill-seekers in the Pacific Northwest. The waves are good for all experience levels, but the water is cold, rip currents can be strong and wildlife (particularly sharks) is abundant at times. This sport doesn’t come without risk, but the beautiful beaches and surrounding environment are unlike any other surf spot in the world.

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