Don’t Sleep on Getting Better Sleep

Getting adequate rest is one of the biggest factors when it comes to your overall health. Skimp on sleep and you risk decreased immune function, mood disturbances, and, if it becomes a chronic issue, heart disease and cognitive problems. But just because it’s important, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Here are a few ways to help get more z’s if you suffer from one of the most common sleep disturbances.

Sleep Challenge: Sensitive to Sound (like a snoring partner)

The Solution: Restore Smart Light + Sleep Sounds (from Hatch)
This device was designed for light sleepers who need help drowning out the noise. With more than 40 soothing, non-looping sounds, Restore is a completely customizable and programmable sound machine for the most sensitive of ears. It’s also beautifully built, so you won’t mind it sitting next to your bed and can enjoy the soft pink light added for reading.
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Sleep Challenge: Sensitive to Light or Prone to Headaches

The Solution: Manta Masks
Using their own decades of troubled sleep patterns for inspiration, the founders of Manta perfected a line of masks for every eye-related issue. From the 100 percent blackout weighted mask to a cooling mask created for allergy and migraine sufferers, they dialed in more than a dozen products to match some very specific needs.
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Sleep Challenge: Waking Up with a Racing Mind

The Solution: Dodow
The Dodow is a small, simple device created to lull you to sleep (or back to sleep if you often wake up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts) and quiet the mind. The smart device is a small disk that rests on your bedside table and uses a soothing light to guide your breathing pattern, slowing it down to six breaths per minute. By consciously measuring the breath, your mind will automatically quiet down and you can more easily drift off.
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– 50-70 million people have a sleep disorder
– 48% report snoring
– 35.3% of adults report less than seven hours of sleep during a 24-hour cycle

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