Full-Body Skin Care

Oftentimes, when we think about skin care, we think first about the face—how to prevent wrinkles or boost elasticity. However, Megan Smethurst, Director at The Spa, says it’s important to shift the focus on full-body procedures—especially with harsh, cooler temperatures right around the corner. She let us in on her preferred at-home routine to keep the whole body feeling and looking its best. Pick up all the products needed from The Spa and take them home for a day of pampering on your own time.

DIY Full-body At-Home Skincare

Dry Scrub – Dry scrubbing is exactly what it sounds like. With clean, completely dry skin, use exfoliating gloves or a coarse bristle brush to stimulate the skin from the shoulders down. Like all exfoliating methods, this will scrub away dead skin cells and increase blood flow. But, the extra friction of doing this on dry skin creates what Smethurst calls a “snap” that actually activates a different part of the immune system. “Dry scrubbing is a great way to boost the lymphatic system, which is where our healing t-cells live. It gets the lymph moving in a way nothing else can.” She recommends performing before a salt bath or shower and following it with a quality moisturizer.

When to use: If you’re feeling sluggish or have clogged skin

What to use: Daily Concepts Exfoliating Gloves, $16

Salt bath – Epsom salt baths are nothing new. Athletes with sore muscles and those in need of extra relaxation have been using this magnesium-based remedy for centuries, capitalizing on the skin’s incredible power to absorb minerals. Smethurst says she takes her soak to the next level with the Phytomer’s Oligomer Pure Lyophilized Sea Water Bath. This compound provides 140 minerals to mineralize the body in a much more effective, complete way. She recommends opening the pores with a warm bath after exfoliating and soaking for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. After, let the minerals rest on the skin for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off; however, she often opts to leave the salts on overnight.

When to use: If you’re feeling depleted, jet-lagged, or your skin is tired, dull or lackluster

What to use: Phytomer Oligomer Pure Lyophilized Sea Water Bath, $11.50

Wet Exfoliation – On days when your skin feels too sensitive, inflamed or reactive for a dry scrub, turn to wet exfoliation. Sugar-based scrubs actually melt and moisturize the skin while still gently sloughing off the top layer. It doesn’t stimulate the lymphatic system in quite the same way as a dry scrub, but it is still a highly effective way to increase skin health and shine. A simple, homemade solution of olive oil and raw sugar will do the job perfectly, or you can opt for your favorite brand. Smethurst recommends standing in your shower and scrubbing your entire body prior to a shower once a week.

When to use: When you want a gentler scrub

What to use: LaLicious Sugar scrub, $35

Complete Hydration – After any scrub or exfoliation process, moisturizing is imperative to restore health. But not all lotions or oils are created equal. Choose a moisturizer that is organic and contains nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and other components that actually feed and restore the skin.

When to use: After every shower or exfoliation process

What to use: Eminence Apricot Body Oil, $29; Coconut Firming Body Lotion, $36

Stay tuned next week as Megan explains the many added stress-relieving qualities of receiving in-spa treatments. To purchase any of the products above, email spa@bellevueclub.com or call 425.455.1616.

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