Reading Corner: Books about Self-Care

Self-care means focusing on your needs for physical and mental health. Focusing on self-care can improve your mental health by raising self-esteem and lessening depression and anxiety, and it can improve your physical health by honing your ability to relax when chronic stress threatens your body with fatigue, exhaustion and illness. Studies also show that self-care can make you a better caretaker as well. Think of it like when you’re in an airplane and the flight attendant explains how adults need to put on their air masks first; life is like an airplane ride, so put your mask on first. Next time you’re feeling a bit run-down or need a moment to yourself, grab one of these books, listen to music or hop in a bath.

The Little Book of Self-Care

by Suzy Reading

This book holds 30 practices to soothe your body, mind and soul—it’s essentially your very own how-to guide to loving yourself each day for a month. Depending on your needs, this book holds the keys to energy boosts, rest and relaxation exercises and emotional management aids. Suzy Reading won’t let you put this guide down without understanding how important and essential “you time” is.

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The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self-Care

by Shahida Arabi

Whether you’re tired after a week of focusing on family or a long week at the office, this book leads beginners through practices of mindfulness, meditation, opposite action and radical acceptance. Arabi’s guide helps readers navigate tough relationships and gives practical advice when it comes to bad habits and how to kick them.

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The Witch’s Book of Self-Care

by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Self-care is a necessity for modern women, argues Murphy-Hiscock. This book contains all her advice for pampering your body and mind with meditations, mantras, spirits and powerful activities to help you feel healthy and soothe your stress. Don’t miss simple how-tos like her DIY Body Butter, Green Space Meditation or the Ritual to Release Guilt.

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Wild Beauty: Wisdom & Recipes for Natural Self-Care

by Jana Blankenship

Just like screen-addiction and overconsumption culture is not so good for our minds, the chemical additives in food and ingredients in beauty products can equally hurt our bodies. Wild Beauty is an easy-to-follow guide that gives you the tools to enjoy an at-home spa day without worrying about what you’re putting on or in your body. Blankenship also provides recipes for essential oil blends to release tension headaches or elevate your mood or to be worn as a perfume.

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The Self-Care & Empowerment Coloring Book for Women & Girls

by Marie Rivers

It’s never too soon to learn about self-care, love and empowerment. This fun coloring book is perfect for girls of all ages to get started with positive and educational exercises for mindfulness and stress relief. To top it off, coloring has proved to boost self-esteem and self-expression.

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