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Five reasons why you should let your little ones grow their own butterfly with an at-home kit.


teaches kids about the life cycle. 

While all plants and animals have different cycles, these kits teach kids that all living things go through changes and stages. It’s a good opportunity to talk about the concept of impermanence.


gives them responsibility without a lot of risk.

Taking care of a caterpillar or butterfly is very easy, but it gives kids something to look after consistently for a few days.


makes a no-fuss, low-maintenance family pet.

If your children have been begging for a family dog, but you aren’t sure they are ready, start them out small. See how they do with live butterflies.


they can safely release them in the wild.

Once fully grown, the butterflies can be released with no harm to them or the environment.


gets them interested in science.

This activity is part science experiment, part family pet. Most kits come with additional educational materials that teach kids facts and give them an opportunity to reflect on their experience.

order your own

Most kits come with a mesh see-through habitat and larvae (or voucher to order them). Here are a few of our favorites:

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden, $27.99

Nature Bound Butterfly Terrarium, $19.99

Butterfly & Nature Gifts Complete Butterfly Kit w/ Painted Lady Butterflies, $24.95

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