yoga mudras for peace

Mudras are powerful, sacred hand gestures from the yogic tradition that communicate and symbolize your intentions to yourself and the world around you. During challenging times, use these three mudras to bring about more peace.

What is a mudra?

In Sanskrit, mudra means “seal” or “gesture.” Most often used in conjunction with seated or standing meditation, mudras are performed with the hands (hastas) and meant to channel energy into certain areas of the body, such as the heart, belly, lungs or mind. They also serve as an outward symbol of your intentions to the world, and can send quiet, impactful messages.

How can you use mudras?

Many mudras are commonly performed while sitting cross-legged or in a seated lotus position, but you can incorporate them into other yoga poses (asanas) if you wish. You can also use them while standing or walking at any time as a way to express and communicate your feelings to the community around you. Traditionally, practitioners will thoroughly wash their hands before as a gesture of purity.

Abhaya mudra

This simple gesture literally translates into “fearlessness.” The purpose is to demonstrate peace, protection and good will toward others. Simply hold the right hand up with the elbow bent and the palm facing out at shoulder height. The left hand hangs calmly down at your side. This is one of the mudras most often used while walking, as it symbolizes good intentions, friendliness and protection toward others.

Dhyana mudra

Sit with your hands palms facing up. Place the back of the right hand on top of the left palm and touch the tips of the thumbs together to create a circle. The right hand placed on top is a sign of enlightenment, tranquility and inner peace. The Buddha is often depicted using this gesture.

Ganesha mudra

This mudra is named after the yogic figure Ganesha, also known as the remover and placer of obstacles. Symbolizing courage and positive change, hold your left hand at heart level (to encourage heart opening) with the palm facing out. Clasp it tightly with your right hand and lock the fingers. Hold it there while you gently pull in different directions. When your meditation is halfway over, switch hands.

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