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Bellevue Club personal trainer Becca Kawaoka is an endurance athlete and coach who has participated in numerous Ironman competitions and other athletic endeavors that ask a lot of the body. To stay in top form, no matter what the racecourse presents, she recommends the following conditioning and mobility drills. These four exercises are meant to strengthen the core and legs while providing mobility and stability.

1. Overhead Squat

Pick a weighted bar that is appropriate for your fitness level. Stand with the legs slightly wider than your hips. Hold the bar overhead and mindfully drop into a deep squat. Return to standing. Repeat 10 to 12 times. Benefits include leg and hip strength and mobility, plus core and shoulder stability.

2. Deadbug

Begin flat on your back with your arms and legs raised toward the ceiling. Keeping the low back on the floor, lower one leg and one arm to just above the floor. Raise back to the starting position, and perform the action on the other leg and arm. Repeat on each side 10 to 12 times. Benefits include trunk stability and strength.

3. Ninja Crawl

Begin in a crawling position with the knees lifted a few inches off the ground. Rotate the foot on the right 45 degrees, and lift the left foot and right hand. With a stable core, rotate the whole body to straighten the left leg in the same direction as the right foot. Keep the left foot floating throughout the motion as you return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side, 10 to 12 times in each direction. Benefits include trunk stability, strength, mobility and coordination.

4. Single Leg Dead Lift

Pick a dumbbell that is appropriate for your fitness level. Hold it in the right hand. With a slight bend in the left knee, hinge forward with a straight right leg pointed back. Keep the back straight as you return to standing. Perform the action 10 to 12 times on one leg before switching to the other. Benefits include hip and glute strength and mobility, plus core and shoulder stability.

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