How to Perfect the Basic Lunge

Stretch, strengthen and tone the legs as Kristin Watterson teaches you how to perform this simple yet highly effective movement. For a basic series, start with the feet together at hip width and lunge each leg behind  you for 10 to 12 rounds on each side.


Rest your hands on your hips, keeping your shoulders back and your spine completely straight.


Keep the hips squared and stable.


Both knees should be roughly at 90 degrees. The knee of the back, active leg should lower down to three or four inches from the floor.


Keep the front foot flat and grounded. The back foot, the active leg, should be stabilized on the ball of the foot.

Why we like the lunge

One of the coolest things about the lunge is that it is extremely dynamic for all its simplicity. This one movement can increase stability, flexibility and mobility while strengthening the hamstrings, quads and glutes. Once you’ve mastered the basic movement, try holding a small weight or holding the stretch for longer to get added benefit.

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