How to Perfect the Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is a dynamic movement that strengthens the legs and core while encouraging mobility through the whole lower body. Let Bellevue Club personal trainer MaryAnn Carpenter help you achieve optimal form.

  • Upper Body: Begin with your back flat on the floor and arms stretched out to the side. As you perform the movement, keep the shoulders and upper back flat.
  • Neck: Do not allow your neck to crunch. To encourage elongation, keep the eyes fixed on the ceiling.
  • Core: Engage the abdominals and back muscles throughout the entire movement.
  • Hips: To perform the exercise, lift the hips off the floor, keeping them level and stable. Lower them back to the floor and repeat 10 to 12 times.
  • Knees: The knees begin bent and thighs go toward 90 degrees as the hips lift up.
  • Feet: Keep the feet flat on the floor and drive through the heels.

Insider Trainer Tip

“To make the movement more challenging, place a weight on your hips and hold it in place with your hands. You can also add a resistance band just above the knees to increase tension and stability,” says MaryAnn Carpenter.

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