Inversion Therapy

Sirsasana (headstand pose) is affectionately known as the king of all yoga poses. It’s thought to reverse gravity’s everyday physical effects on the body while also calming the mind. But any time the head is lower than the heart, it’s known as an inversion and there are many poses that can achieve the same results.

Benefits on the Body

•Increases circulation

•Strengthens stabilization muscles

•Encourages lymphatic drainage

•Calms the nervous system

•Increases vitality of lung tissue

•Encourages blood flow to the brain

•Enhances balance and patience

Inversion 101

You don’t have to do a handstand to reap the benefits. There are restorative and beginners’ versions that are accessible to most people.

Beginner—Legs-up-the-wall pose


Intermediate—Shoulder stand


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