Reflex Foot Treatment

While it might be hard to forgo a full-body treatment, there is a good argument for why your next appointment should focus solely on your feet.

Your feet go through a lot. These days, many of us regularly experience intervals of high activity mixed with lots of time sitting at a desk or couch. Both affect your circulation, joint and muscle health, and skin in different ways. Activity creates tension, soreness and tightness, while sitting incites stagnation and inflexibility. Neither is comfortable.

Reflex-based massage uses stones to work on pressure points in the feet and alleviate a variety of common conditions while also providing an overall relaxing effect.  It’s especially helpful for those who are pregnant, suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle or heel pain, or edema (swelling or water retention) in the feet.

The Spa is now offering an hour-long Reflex Foot Treatment. Here’s a brief guide to the benefits and what to expect.

The Benefits:

Reduces pain, increases circulation, relaxes the nervous system, clears stagnation in the feet and ankles, and reduces inflammation,

The Areas addressed:

According to the Arthritis Foundation, “The foot has 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.” A reflex-based massage covers it all.

The Process:

  • Epsom salt soak – This mineral soak is a classic. The magnesium is known to help reduce inflammation and ease sore muscles.
  • Paraffin foot dip – Parrafin wax’s benefits are two-fold: As a form of heat therapy, it soothes joints and muscles while leaving the skin softer.
  • Scrub – A simple exfoliation removes dead skin and prepares the skin for hydration.
  • Reflex-based massage – Taking notes from the ancient concept of reflexology, this treatment uses warm stones to pinpoint trouble areas and relieve tension in a variety of ways.

What it’s not:

While it’s completely focused on feet, this treatment is not a pedicure and does not include nail services.

The Reflex Foot Treatment comes with a complimentary glass of champagne or beer.
For more information, email the Spa or call 425. 425.688.3114.

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