Pairing Pork Rinds

Usually out of sight and therefore out of mind, pork rinds are a surprisingly tasty snack that you can add to your low-carb diet this fall to keep the crunch in your favorite dishes without any stress.

Substituting pork rinds for your favorite potato chips is an easy swap, but here are a few more creative ways to include them in your go-to recipes.

Keto-Friendly Nachos

Pork rinds are well known for their ability to mimic tortilla chips in texture and cooking properties, while adding a savory flavor to your dish. Next time you reach for the chips and cheese, substitute pork rinds and skip the protein on top for a simple but delicious take on one of your favorite comfort foods.

Panko Substitution

We love adding a bit of extra crunch to our fish tacos or pork chops with a panko breading. Traditional panko is a three-step process: Dip your protein in flour, then into an egg wash (combination of raw egg and milk or water) and then lightly press bread crumbs
all over.

This fall, crush a bag of pork rinds and substitute your panko for these protein-filled rinds. To get a uniform crunch for your meats (or even veggies), use a blender to crush your pork rinds.

Add Some Crunch!

Now that you have an entire bag of pork rind crumbs, save them in your pantry to add a bit of crunch to your casseroles or top your mac ’n’ cheese. With Thanksgiving comes many opportunities for a bread-crumb crust, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

One of our favorite places to add some crunch is in sandwiches, or if you’re really craving something indulgent, put some pork rind crumbles into a grilled cheese before heating for a special surprise.

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