Meditation for Young Kids

Challenging times can have a big impact on younger generations. If your little ones are showing signs of stress, anxiety or unrest, try introducing them to meditation. Their practice doesn’t have to look like your daily 20-minute devotion. Even just 30 seconds of checking in with their emotions can aid in creating a calm, centered household. Here are our favorite tools to help get your toddler into mindfulness using stories, songs and movement.


Headspace for kids

The popular adult meditation app now has a program for kids. The meditations are grouped according to age and hit five different themes, including calm, focus, kindness, sleep and wake up.

Smiling Mind

This Australia-based company believes wellness and education go hand in hand. They have meditations specifically for focus, concentration, emotional regulation, performance, resilience and more.

Sleep Meditations for Kids

Designed by a yoga teacher and Montessori teacher, this app uses story to soothe kids to sleep. Choose from a variety of calming, short meditations that will help troubled sleepers quickly.


Local author and Bellevue Club instructor Lilia Karimi was inspired to write a children’s book about the impact yoga and meditations had on her life. Below, she shares the inspiration behind her book Lily Finds Her OM Way.

Reflections: Why do you think yoga and meditation are good tools for kids?

Lilia: Yoga and meditation help us bring awareness to how we are feeling and why, and it can help us be in the moment. By introducing children to these skills at a young age, we can promote more mindfulness in children that leads to less stress and more outlets for handling emotions. It also can invoke a sense of curiosity about the world we live in, which is such a beautiful thing.

Reflections: Do you have any tips for introducing kids to the concept of yoga?

Lilia: Practicing small movements or techniques at home is a great start! Lily Finds Her OM Way is a very playful and imaginative story, so even reading this book to children is the perfect introduction to the practice of yoga without forcing movement, and instead by encouraging play!

For more information or to purchase a book, visit


DharmaKids Zafu

Made with buckwheat filling and a brightly colored muslin covering, this all-natural meditation cushion can help your tot get excited to sit still.

Mindful Kids

This deck of 50 cards is a fun, active way to introduce your kids to mindfulness. Each card has an exercise or activity to promote calm, focus, relaxation and love.

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