How to Perfect the Bent-Over Row

Ash Milad, a swim team coach at Bellevue Club, demonstrates how to perform this simple compound movement that builds strength and stability in the back, core and arms.

Feet: Place the feet hip-width apart with the toes slightly turned out.
Legs: Keep the knees slightly bent in an athletic stance.
Hips: Hinge forward at the hips until the back is parallel with the ground.
Back: Keep the spine straight throughout the entire movement. Maintain a straight line all the way through the neck as your gaze remains on the floor.
Working arm: Choose a weight that is appropriate for your fitness level,and grip it with one hand while it’s fully extended toward the ground. Using a pulling action, raise the weight up to chest height.With control, lower the weight back down.
Anchoring arm: Extend the arm without the weight straight toward the ground. The hand can be in a fist or unclenched.

Why it’s important to pull

Many traditional exercises emphasize pushing against objects to build strength. But practicing pulling is equally as important for a well-rounded, happy body. If you spend a lot of time on the bench press, this is the perfect way to get balance in your upper body.

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