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As we get closer to opening our city again, it might be tempting to hit the bars, go to the movies and buy flights out of town but it’s important to finish up these last months strong at home. That being said, if you’re itching for some new experiences virtual reality (VR) might just be your ticket for a boost of at-home sanity and wellness in these final few months.

Oculus released its newest VR headset in 2020, the Oculus Quest 2. For many, it’s been a way to explore the world and try new things from the comfort and safety of home. Sure, it is marketed as a gaming device full of shooting games and dance challenges, but don’t be fooled –there’s an entire world to explore behind these goggles.

If you are looking for a new workout, try: The Thrill of the Fight

If you’re looking to try some new ways to boost your heart rate, The Thrill of the Fight offers users an intro to boxing without the hassle of waiting for a class opening at the local gym. Learn movements and techniques from the pros, engage in heart-pumping workouts or even try a virtual boxing challenge to push yourself to your limits.

The app also offers fitness tracking over time, so the user can revisit old workouts, compete against times, durations, levels and more. Only have 20 minutes? Don’t worry, this app also gives users HIIT workout options for a quick sweat at home. No gloves necessary.

If you need to relax, try: Fujii

Serenity is the only word that can describe this wandering garden-simulator. Fujii is the perfect VR experience for those looking to unwind after a rough day. Immerse yourself in a special world where you can “hike” through different biomes, explore nature and tend to your own mystical garden.

If you miss taking long walks through the botanical gardens or are in need of a new meditative hobby, consider Fujii your portal to a serene world where it’s up to you to explore, relax or cultivate your own garden.

If you miss traveling, try: National Geographic Explore

Set off to some of the most remote places on Earth to explore and discover. Users can visit Antarctica to hike, kayak and climb through the icy landscape or travel to Machu Picchu and walk through ancient ruins. For travel bugs who are missing out on adventures far and wide, National Geographic Explore might be your ticket to feeling a little less stir-crazy until traveling is a bit safer.

Outfitted with your comfiest pajamas, strap on your headset and be fully immersed in a new culture from the comfort of home. No passport required, but an open mind and taste for adventure is a must.

If your at-home office is boring, try: Immersed Desktop

Immersed Desktop is marketed as a way to work “distraction-free at home” by immersing yourself into an office rather than your living room. This VR app allows you to connect your computer or laptop to the headset and stream your workspace into a virtual computer. With Immersed Desktop, you can put your desk anywhere, including coffee shops, outdoors, virtual offices and more.

Another benefit of this virtual workplace is the option to have multiple screens and customize your space in ways you might not be able to do at home. Save the physical space at home and add multiple monitors to your virtual desk. Or for when you begin to travel for work again, you can save space in your luggage and simply take a small laptop and your headset to have a full desk on the go.

If you miss Friday night movies, try: Bigscreen

Date night “dinner and a movie” seems a long way off, but Bigscreen allows you to bring the movie theater experience into your home. This virtual cinema offers users the ability to choose the movie, the setting and their guests, transporting you and your friends virtually into a theater to watch the newest flicks together.

Bigscreen gives you the option to watch your movie in a traditional theater, a drive-in or an at-home setting with all your guests sitting around, chatting and sharing “popcorn” with the added ability to pause the show when you want to talk about a plot twist.

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